On completion of Phase 2 and subject to receipt of relevant approvals and funding, the project would progress to Phases 3 (Design and Environmental Evaluation).

The project currently has approval to proceed from Phase 1 to 4, subject to relevant approval and funding for each Phase.

Phase 3 (Design and Environmental Evaluation)
The purpose of Phase 3 is to develop the project design, following the selection of a Preferred Option, based on both technical and environmental inputs, to a stage where sufficient levels of detail exist to establish landtake requirements and to progress the Project through the statutory processes.
Phase 4 (Statutory Processes)
The purpose of Phase 4 is to compile documentation and participate in oral hearing(s) as required by the statutory processes to ensure that the proposed project is developed in accordance with planning and environmental legislation.

Construct / Implement Phases

Phase 5 (Enabling and Procurement)
The purpose of Phase 5 is to compile tender documentation to allow for the appointment of a contractor to execute the main contract and undertake enabling works to facilitate the works.
Phase 6 (Construction and Implementation)
The purpose of Phase 6 is the administration and execution of the main contract in accordance with the design, specification, relevant standards and legislation.
Phase 7 (Close out and Review)
The purpose of Phase 7 is to complete all outstanding contractual and residual issues relating to the project.